Everybody knows that one of the fastest ways to build a celebrity brand, make impact and generate a lot of money and respect is to become a powerful speaker.

It’s almost impossible today to become a leading influencer or a well-respected global figure if you’re not someone with some uncommon ideas that inspires a lot of people. And you’re able to engage a group of people in a critical conversation.

All great religious leaders (no matter the religion) are great communicators.
All great political leaders are great orators too.

Thought leadership is key to greater influence in today’s fiercely competitive marketplace. And one of the cogent instruments of thought leadership is your ability to speak in public with clarity and contagious passion.

This is why I have decided to teach you How To Become A Rock Star Professional Speaker even if you currently do not have any mysterious knowledge, C-suite experience or expertise…

Many times, you wish you have all the credentials. You think if you had it, you would have been a better speaker. So when you don’t seem to have all the big qualifications, you almost lose hope of pursuing your passion of becoming an instrument that shapes others people’s destinies through public speaking.

The good news today is that what I am about to share with you is so good…

• You don’t have to feign expertise or claim any experience you don’t have. No faking to making anything.
• You don’t have to be a hype all in the name of “motivational speaking” Gone are the days of hype. Today’s persuasion skill leverages in simple understanding of human behavior. Not hyperbole.
• And you really don’t have to wait for ten years to gather the level of experience and expertise you think you need to thrive as a public speaker. With good coaching and constant practice, any passionate person that works with me can start seeing results as fast as possible.

So tell me…

Would it be okay if I show you how to become a powerful speaker without going through the complicated huddles that many people go through?

Like, I am going to practically save you the stress and cost of flipping through the numerous pages of leaden public speaking text books, which to be honest, were mostly written by those from a third world country—who know nothing about what motivates the poverty stricken survivors that make up the average African.

And I will help you to stop jumping from one Google article to the other — articles written by random people with little knowledge of your problems or challenges; people who sit behind computer screens and try to lecture you about something they dread to even try.

How I will do that is simple (not like it’s easy):

1. Get you as close as possible to me as your coach – through a WhatsApp Group. I could have charged say 50k for this.
2. Provide you with valuable training resources for free. Many of them are stuffs I have sold in the past for up to 25k. And there are new one I’ll be sharing with you.
3. Give you an opportunity to work with me. That means, I continue providing you with real life assistance, support and platforms to enhance your communication skills faster than your peers.

But first things first: Join this WhatsApp Group Now (link: http:///2G2NP0y) and listen for further instruction. Please this group is only for aspiring and budding speakers in Lagos. There’s a reason for that. Location is important as we plan to hold physical meetings in Lagos.

Join Group Now (http:///2G2NP0y)

IF you have the desire to become a public speaker…

But you’re feeling discouraged because:

• You don’t have anybody to hold you by the hand and help you.
• You don’t think you have any ‘powerful’ skills or expertise that makes you “guru-enough” to speak.
• You don’t think you have newsworthy experience that qualifies you to speak.
• You don’t have any educational or professional training yet and so you feel like you really can’t succeed as a professional speaker.
• You don’t even know how to go about it…

But you still want to:

• Speak on stage with power and influence
• Be a respected speaker that provides tangible value to people
• Command high fee through public speaking
• Make impact massive impact in people’s lives

If you’re relatively new into the public speaking space, you will find my mentoring completely amazing and very helpful. 98% of people who have attended my online training or live coaching found them very helpful, valuable and worth more than they paid for it. And if you’re an experienced speaker, coming in contact with me would bring a lot more answers and direction to your current struggles.

What I am about to share with you is the simplest, fastest, and most reliable way to kick start a speaking career… that is both impactful and profitable to you.

Join Group Now (http:///2G2NP0y)

You should know this:

This is not some hype or complicated speaking modules. I am often referred to as someone who makes hard things very easy and applicable. This I guess is probably because I went from a confused, skinny and often-scared little boy, born and bred in one of the most ridiculous places to grow up in Nigeria – to becoming a refined, confident and very eloquent leader in my industry.
For me, it’s been more than 8 years of learning, practicing, and designing breakthrough experiences for people in the art of communication and personal influence.

My training is something I can guarantee 100% of the time. Unless you show up without hunger to learn or willingness to practice (it’s not like I am a magician – I wish.)

I’ve used some of the things I will be teaching you to coach professional speakers from scratch in my speaking academy (in Awka, Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt…)
(In my inner circle, I mentor/coach 10 premium public speaking students every 6 weeks and 30% of them are usually people starting from scratch.)

Oh by the way, if you want to experience my inner Circle Coaching you can skip the whole talk, get right on the phone and book a private session with me. Click Here for that.

I am not about to share with you some junks written by a freelancer who sits behind a computer system to teach people something he hasn’t got the time or balls to leave his room and try out… WTF!!!

I speak out there.
I know the drills.
I know exactly how it feels to have stage fright…

To struggle with something you have little control over (stammering, mother interference etc.)

I know… And I am out to help as many people as are hungry to learn and practice.

If you’re the person I am talking about… Join this WhatsApp group now (http:///2G2NP0y)

NB: By 27 April 2019, this post must have expired as the training must have ended. If you’re seeing this after April 2019, please chat me up on WhatsApp (https://wa.me/+2347035957197)for further inquiries into our programs.

See you in class!


Stephen Michael AKA DrMiki

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