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My name is Stephen Michael and I am the founder of the High Profile Speakers Circle, and also the founder of the Speech Masters Academy. I offer executive coaching/training on Sales And Persuasion Skills, Digital Marketing for Organizational And Business Growth, Presentation Skills (Public Speaking) And Leadership Intelligence.

I also offer Marketing Consulting Services to businesses and organizations looking to reach more customers, create very effective marketing communications and marketing systems that turn leads to customers, strengthen company brand and positioning so they can increase and dominate the marketplace.

… Once A Poor Little Kid

I was born and brought up in one of the most impoverished towns in the popular commercial hub of Anambra State– Onitsha. As a young man, I  struggled with fears, low self-esteem, lack of direction… I’d always felt there could be more to life but couldn’t just figure out what that ‘more’ is or how to go about getting it.

In 2006, my journey took shape.  I came in contact with a man who mentored me on the art of personal success through self-mastery, leadership influence, oratory and a deep sense of spiritual devotion.

That relationship shaped my destiny and changed my life in many ways I could never overemphasized. It would be the first time someone took me by the hand and showed me how to do anything. It would be the first time someone showed me the power of words both in creating the universe and in changing the lives of people.

Inspired by that encounter and many others in subsequent years, I’ve gone from the timid little boy scared of stepping out to the public, to the founder of the #1 Public Speaking School in the South East Region of Nigeria. I’ve personally helped thousands of people in and outside the country through my training on Public Speaking, Sales, Digital Marketing, Leadership And Personal Growth.

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