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Who the heck
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My name is Stephen Michael and I am the founder of the High Profile Speakers Circle, and also the founder of the Speech Masters Academy. I provide keynotes, interactive workshops and consulting services to help you (or your organization) gain action-oriented and highly effective strategies for getting better results in your career and business. I also offer executive coaching/training on Sales And Persuasion Skills, Digital Marketing for Organizational And Business Growth, Presentation Skills (Public Speaking) And Leadership Intelligence. I am often invited to speak at conferences, workshops, business and leadership programs.


Where are you based?

Lagos State — Nigeria.

What topics do you speak on?

Communication, Sales, Marketing, Personal Development and Leadership.

How much do you charge to speak?

That depends on the subject matter, the nature of my engagement and a couple of other factors. General seminars usually start from N120,000 (about $334) per hour. Workshops would cost much more. Call or email for inquiries or negotiation.

Do you speak for free?

Yes– Terms and Conditions Apply. Call or email me for inquiries.

Can you be my mentor or coach?

YES — if you have the right attitude and you’re ready to make some financial commitment. NO — if you don’t have either of the two. Contact me for inquiries.

Are you still single? Can you mingle?

Errrr… well, anyways, I really can’t answer that. Can you call? >Lol

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