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21 Days of Growth and Leadership Coaching

If you’re currently stuck and you need some assistance and support to take the transition into the next level of your career or personal life, this coaching is for you. For 21 Days you will have the opportunity to talk to listen to my teaching for each day, you will have access to a dedicated community where you can ask questions and receive answer directly from me. In these 21 days, we will discuss growth, effectiveness and leadership influence. Download Brochure for more.



Cracking the high-value
speaking code

Do you want to become the kind of speaker that people love to listen to, invite over and over again, and yes– pay to have you talk? This four weeks coaching program is designed to help speakers from ordinary speakers into professional speakers that command influence and money. If you’re looking for the secret to building a viable career in the speaking industry, this coaching is a must. Download Brochure for more.



The Business of Public Speaking Coaching

Get everything you need to build a professional career in public speaking. You will learn how to start, how to organize seminars and fill the room, how to get more speaking engagements even if you’re still a beginner, how to write, publish, market and sell your books and materials, how to manage your personal brand as a speaker, digital technologies for growing your speaking skills… ALMOST EVERYTHING YOU NEED IS IN THIS POWER PACKED COACHING that lasts for three months with an additional one month for follow up and support.



How to Grow your Speaking Business

If you’re a beginner speaker and you need a more intensive mentoring and assistance with growing your speaking influence, building your speaking skills, and becoming the kind of speaker that makes impact while creating profits– this coaching is for you. It’s an eleven weeks coaching/mentoring program for speakers that have already started out.



Who the heck
is this guy?

My name is Stephen Michael and I am the founder of the High Profile Speakers Circle, and also the founder of the Speech Masters Academy. I provide keynotes, interactive workshops and consulting services to help you (or your organization) gain action-oriented and highly effective strategies for getting better results in your career and business. I also offer executive coaching/training on Sales And Persuasion Skills, Digital Marketing for Organizational And Business Growth, Presentation Skills (Public Speaking) And Leadership Intelligence. I am often invited to speak at conferences, workshops, business and leadership programs.


Lagos State — Nigeria.

Communication, Sales, Marketing, Personal Development and Leadership.

That depends on the subject matter, the nature of my engagement and a couple of other factors. General seminars usually start from N120,000 (about $334) per hour. Workshops would cost much more. Call or email for inquiries or negotiation.

Yes– Terms and Conditions Apply. Call or email me for inquiries.

YES — if you have the right attitude and you’re ready to make some financial commitment. NO — if you don’t have either of the two. Contact me for inquiries.

Errrr… well, anyways, I really can’t answer that. Can you call? >Lol

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