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Stephen helps brands and businesses think through their marketing so they can reach more people, build better connections and sell more without breaking the bank.

What can creative marketing
do to your business?

Through creative marketing Stephen and his team helps your organization or business reach people in new and exciting ways. You don’t have to waste more money or efforts trying to figure out what to do to expand your business. Stephen and his team helps you think through your strategies, helps you come up with new ideas, help you create marketing funnels and systems and implement them so they can work for your organization.

Build Your Brand

We can help you promote your business on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram etc… or we can help you promote your business using your website/blog. Our promotions will create massive awareness for your business. It will put your products in front of the right audience. We can help you run some Viral campaigns so you can get more people to participate in your cause.

Set Up Your Systems

My team can help you design and host responsive websites that you can use to sell yourself or market your business to the world. With that, people will get to find out about what you do and even order your products or services online without stress. We can also help you design and lunch your web applications too.

Connect With The Right Customers

My team can help you plan and organize social events such as workshops, seminars, in-house training etc. We can partner with you to plan and market your event so that many people will attend. We can also help you re-write your marketing messages so that it truly connects with your audience in a way that makes them feel like taking advantage of your offer.

Hire The Right Team

Looking to hire the right talent but don’t have the skill or the time? Let us handle your hiring on your behalf. You give us all the features, qualities or credentials you want and we do the job for you in a professional manner.

Empower Your Team

Do you want to motivate, educate or empower your team, staff or workers? We can work in partnership with you to design a program that would empower your workforce for productivity, collaboration, leadership and team spirit. We work with you all the way to get the result you desire in your workplace.



My team and I will help you design a user friendly and very responsive website or blog that you can use to market your business (products or services) in a way that attracts people and converts them to customers or clients. We can also integrate e-commerce functionalities which will enable you to sell stuffs and receive payment in your local currency from your website. Our website packages are very affordable and we may also work with your budget if we consider your project worth the investment of our time and resources.


The system I will help you to set up is a digital marketing system that changes the way you interact and relate with the members of your ministry. With this system you can follow them up online and constantly provide opportunities for discipleship to them in their convenient time. You will be able to interact with people through their emails and on Facebook but… in a very different and often very profitable way.

We create this system to enable organizations build digital but human-like relationship with members and market their services or products efficiently to them. Now your members will always hear from you and share their ideas with you if you please.

It enables you to attract new members, follow up on old members, find out what members want (the questions the ask, the materials they love), stay in touch with them whether or not they came to church—reach all members of your ministry with tools and resources for discipleship, church growth and fellowship.

My system can also be automated in a way that it interacts, relates and educates the target audience without having anyone doing those manually. Everything will be set up and running on its own for as long as you wish.

The potentials are huge and require lots of creativity – but here is a peep into what this system can accomplish for your ministry:

  • Engage with church member at their convenience through social media
  • Share and celebrate milestones with them
  • Give them the opportunity to have their pastor write to them personally
  • Remind them of upcoming events and make it easy for them to share those events online
  • Share opportunities with them so they don’t miss out
  • Engage and interact with them in the medium they enjoy using
  • Give members access to further tools, resources and materials
  • Follow up on attendees before and after a meeting
  • Promote your ministries with minimal budget and predictable results
  • Sell digital resources on a 24/7 basis
  • More opportunities for people to stay connected, get discipleship, make donations, send their testimonials etc. (without having to come to church building)
  • Mentor or coach people online

Host online campaigns places for your mega programs that will reach and attract many people from different.

Create and sell your e-books, videos or audios around the world automatically and consistently. Turn existing packages into digital products.

Set up a digital mentoring platform that allows you to mentor thousands of people around the world using materials you already possess.

Manage your members’ online experience – Advertise specifically to members and their friends online. They will hear from you three or more times a week and feel like you are following up on them as a ministry.

Send Monthly email newsletter to all members, partners, etc. And you can include special videos, audios, e-books etc. to create continue providing more value and assistance.

Send Special Reports (building project, etc.)

Welcome new members and send them Church e-brochure so they can learn about the church at the comfort of their rooms. They will have all the info they need to feel like members of the church already.

Design and automate a crash course (discipleship, indoctrination, membership etc.) for a specific type of people.


Do you want to improve your online marketing skills? Or do you want my team to help your group or team to learn how to use digital marketing to boost business and grow your organization? This training is designed to teach participants how to create marketing campaigns, write marketing copies that convert people to customers, set up effective marketing systems and use marketing to help organizations grow and achieve their goals. This training could be tailored to your needs.


My team can help you master social media handles such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. So that you can use these tools to find new customers, build better relationship with existing customers and grow your business, organization or project.

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