ARE YOU A PUBLIC SPEAKER—beginner or seasoned?

Are you interested in learning some of the greatest insights, ideas and strategies that can help you to thrive in the speaking terrain?

These insights can save you many years of struggle, and unnecessary mistakes.

I’d like to invite you to join me for a 3 days life changing speakers retreat specially designed for public speakers like you.  


In this retreat I will teach you:


  • The Global future of public speaking: the greatest, most helpful advice you will ever receive as a beginner public speaker that can save you many years of struggle and make you far greater than your peers because you know something they don’t know.
  • 7 careers you can pursue in public speaking and how to go about starting out in these careers without wasting money or time.
  • How to deliver high-value presentations so that your audience fall in love with you and your host want to invite you over and over again.


This training is 100% online—which means you must have a smart phone or personal computer, with internet connection and a willingness to follow through the program till the end. It’s just 3 days but you need to be around for those 3 days as the program will be closed after the 3 days.

First you will have to register for free by clicking this link. Then I will inform you about the date in your email.

In the 3 days program, I will give you access to my audio program which you can listen to or download for free. I will send you email messages too to provide more support. And then you will have the chance to ask me questions and get practical answers from me delivered to your email.


If you’re interested in this retreat please share the information on your Facebook wall and tag three (or more friends) who may be interested. Then click this link to register for free.


Please it’s important you REGISTER NOW and CONFIRM YOUR EMAIL address… Because that’s one sure way to secure your spot before it closes.


If you’re a speaker, this is one retreat you cannot afford to miss.


  • Because you get a personal three days mentorship from me for 100% free.
  • Because you get exclusive information that I have not yet shared with any one of my mentees before now. It’s sensitive and it’s awesome.

Get ready to start a whole new journey into the speaking career.

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