The BootCamp Pro is an intensive three (3) days training in which Stephen Michael provides exclusive and radical strategies for professionals, entrepreneurs, business owners and leaders who want to create a whole new level of influence, impact and income through consulting, speaking and coaching/training.


Does this describe you—

You’ve so far succeeded in building a successful business or career. You work really hard and are often busy.

But your first passion, as you recently recalled, was to speak, to share, and to help people by sharing your knowledge and expertise with them. You really want to become someone that offer valuable advice and help to people…

But there is a problem—

  • You don’t know how to effectively dive into your passion without having to quit your job
  • You don’t know what it takes to turn that passion into another career path that may generate enough income for your retirement
  • You know a couple of things about what to do but you do not have the support and assistance you need to be able to do them consistently.


You’re still building a small business or career…

Say you’re a lawyer, a consultant, an artiste, a speaker, writer, politician, a banker… something like that…

And you recently realized that by speaking on stage, training or consulting for other people and organizations you can radically generate more business opportunities, boost your revenue, increase your influence and create a new career path for yourself…


  • You do not know how to build a profitable speaking and consulting business that also brings in more open doors for your existing business or skill…
  • You wish you have a coach or mentor to guild you on the path to turning your skills and talents into a 7 figure a month income generating business…

In the BootCamp Pro, my objective is to work with you for three days and thereafter provide you with great assistance for the next 90 days. Participants could be coming in from different parts of the country for this training. And it would be an amazing time together.


THE BOOTCAMP PRO will cover the following courses–

  • Sold Out: How To Organize Successful Seminars, Sell More Tickets And Fill Your Room With Minimum Budget
  • Sell From Stage: How To Sell Your Assets And Get People Buying From You While Speaking On Stage
  • Fully Booked: How To Find Speaking Gigs And Get Booked To Speak Regularly Even If You’re Just Getting Started
  • Freemium Profits: How To Make Massive Profits With Free Speaking Gigs
  • Ultimate Speakers Sales Training: How To Create Irresistible Offers, Persuade People And Convince Them To Buy From You Instantly
  • How To Write, Publish, Market And Sell Your Books In Less Than 30 Days
  • The Ultimate Client Attraction System For Getting Clients To Come To You Instead Of You Going To Them
  • The High Conversion, 7 Figure Marketing Funnel For Professional Speakers, consultants and professional service providers


You will have access to the exact templates, resources and programs I and many of my premium clients have used.

You will also get access to our network of support in which we help you with —

  • Publishing, Marketing and setting up the entire system for your book sales
  • Creating and utilizing marketing strategies for your business
  • You will get special attention as our team helps you to prepare your speeches and supports you as you rehearse
  • We will provide additional support for you for 90 days and in those days, we will help you with anything regarding your business growth, development, branding and sales.
  • You will also get a professional certificate at the end of the training.
  • You will have the opportunity to kick start your speaking or consulting career leveraging on our existing platforms and networks across the country.


Note: Your registration covers for you light breakfast, launch, training materials, certificate and very other luxury activities we may indulge ourselves at the course of the training.


Would you like to get a call from me so we can discuss if this program is the right fit for you? We do not admit anybody in this program. It’s an exclusive program for people who are very passionate about kick starting a very successful and lucrative career and who are willing to invest to that regard.


Click this link to reach out to us so we can talk about it.

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