The Confident Speaker Workshop, Lagos

If you are looking to give powerful presentations, with clarity, authority and infectious confidence – then this workshop is right for you.

Truth be told

Let’s be honest, getting in front of people to make a sales pitch, or give a presentation can be terrifying for many of us.

I remember working with a certain woman that has successfully established her own cosmetic business from scratch but anytime she has the opportunity to stand and speak before a group of people she’ll make “a total mess of herself” – those were her words by the way.

Because of that she stopped trying to make presentations, she also started avoiding any scenario and any occasion that would require her to stand and speak on stage or in a public for fear that she might collapse or embarrass herself again.

When she hired me and I started working with her, I showed her how exactly to tame her nervousness; and I helped her to work on her self-confidence by participating in my exercises, then I revealed to her how she can start communicating with a greater sense of power by simply following the 10 rules of persuasive communication.

Boom, it worked so well for her that her very first public speech got her many friends (who expressed surprise at her unknown oratory prowess) and a couple of business deals in less than 20 minutes of speech.

The speech was on why she ventured into cosmetic business and how her business is different from the rest of the others. She’s a very busy person and only spent roughly an hour 30 minutes of rehearsals with me…

Bottom line: ANYONE (especially YOU) can overcome your shyness, your fears, your struggles with public presentations – and more importantly, YOU, just like the woman in my story, can build your self-confidence and start making persuasive speeches.




About The Workshop

The Confident Speaker Workshop is not like your regular speech class– it’s a practical workshop that offers you the opportunity to work with me. That opportunity enables us to review your challenges and discuss how you can be better person.

I’ll make recommendations and hold you accountable. I’ll provide you with the support you need to truly harness your power and presence while delivering a presentation before a group of people no matter the number.


Here’s What You Will Gain

  • Tame Your Fright And Own The Stage – the 7 tested and true ways to overcome fright and nervousness even if you’re an introvert, you hate public exposure and, you hate ever standing to speak before a group of people. (Hint: what you’ll be learning is a little thing compared to what I’ll be helping you to do. Some of the exercises I’ll put you through have helped over 106 students of mine to instantly tame their stage fright and start enjoying public speaking right in the workshop)


  • Hypnotic Storytelling (TM)—If you’ve ever wanted to tell a story that captivates people and move them to take action, this is where you’ll learn that.

You’ll discover the 3 critical strategies anyone (and that includes YOU) can use to tell stories that engage and captivate the audience, and get them to be in the right state where you can influence their decision.

This is not some crappy tips or demonic practices, it’s the easiest way to tell a powerful story that gets people to connect with your message on a deeper level and more importantly, your story will get them to take the actions you want them to.

  • Building Self-Confidence & Authority – You’ll learn the exact 9 processes to building your self-confidence and speaking with greater clarity and authority.


Again, it’s not really about the pieces of information (many of you already have that on Google), it’s more about what I will show you through my own demonstrations and designed exercises.

For instance, I will show you three exercises you can perform whenever you want to boost your confidence and feel powerful before an audience (Hint: these are the top secrets to speaking with persuasion, motivation and inspiration before any audience. … your pastor is probably already using it.)  


The Most Interesting Part of it…

  • The Clinic – this, according to many of our trainees, is the most important moment in the training.




Because it is the moment in which you share your struggles with me for proper diagnoses (it’s not as serious as it sounds though) and you will get practical help, assistance or recommendations from me.


It’s at this point that you and I decide what would work for you (forget the general information, the focus is on you) and I provide you with a sort of workout plan that you can use to ensure that you never have to go through your pain points or struggles ever again.




This workshop is specifically designed for organizational leaders, career professionals, business executives, entrepreneurs, and anyone else in the business arena that desires to drastically enhance their presentation skills.



Investment for this workshop is just N35,000 only (Thirty Five Thousand Naira). The investment covers for your coaching, refreshment and workshop materials only.



First Batch: 15th December 2018    |   TIME: 9AM – 3PM

Second Batch: 22nd December 2018   |   TIME: 9AM – 3PM

Note: You pay for any of the batches you want to attend.


VENUE: A hotel in Victoria Island, Lagos (exact location will be communicated to you after registration)

For urgent inquiries: Call 07035957197 | Click to WhatsApp:


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