Discover How To Overcome Stage Fright, Build Self Confidence And Become A Persuasive Speaker Even If You’ve Never Spoken On Stage Before

YOU probably already know that if you can communicate well in public, and you know how to sell your products and services without being pushy or aggressive—you’ll drastically improve the quality of your life by about 90%. You’ll not only become a better leader but you will also become the type of leader that people want to follow and learn from.


IF you desire to become an influential and authentic speaker so that people will love to watch and listen to you as you speak on stage, TV or radio…

If you’d want to overcome your fears and stage fright so that you can become a more confident speaker that does not sweat or stutter on stage out of fear…

If your desire is to build self-confidence so that you can communicate your ideas and knowledge with authenticity and power.

If you want to refine your communication skills and take it to the next level so that you easily motivate and convince people to do business with you…

This training is for you.


Are there certain challenges you’re having with preparing  and delivering engaging speeches? Or do you need help with finding discovering and developing your message? Would you like Nigeria’s leading speaker trainer to help you get result immediately — not in 3 months or 3 weeks but in a few hours…

Or maybe… you just want to have a mentor to guide you as you take a professional journey into the art and business of public speaking. And you want a mentor you can stay in touch with for a short even after the training…

This is just the RIGHT training you’ll need.


Session #1: How To Overcome Stage Fright And Build Self-Confidence In Less Than 20 Minutes

  • No more sweating on stage, no more seizures just because you were asked to speak. After this class you’ll be able to stand, speak and deliver well.

Session #2:  Wow—How To Create And Deliver Powerful Presentations That Leave Lasting Impression On Your Audience

  • No more boring speeches or dead presentations that has no effect on people. I’ll show you exactly how to prepare and deliver presentations that make people beg you to continue talking…

Session #3: Persuasion: How To Persuade People And Convince Them To Buy From You  

You always find it hard to convince people? I’ll show you how to persuade anyone to buy from you without necessarily being pushy or aggressive.

Session #4: Q&A Session—this is probably the most important session in the program. Here you ask me any question, tell me any challenge you’re facing with speaking/communication… and I’ll help you solve it right there in the Session.

  • If I wasted your time and couldn’t help you with your problem in communication… Feel free to ask for refund.


Workbook – a practical workbook that walks you through the entire but simplified process of preparing for a speech that wows the audience. This workbook will guide you even after the training so you won’t have to worry about the technicalities involved in preparation any more.

Audio book – you’ll receive a digital audio that contains a complete course in public speaking. With this audio book you can continue learning more about public speaking every day for the next 90 days while driving to work. This audio book alone is worth $79 but you’ll get it for free.  

Certificate – you’ll be awarded a certificate for your participation and completion of our exercises. Your certification comes from our academy (The Speech Masters Academy) which is also registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria.

Exercises – our public speaking training is designed to be interactive and practical. So you will be required to do some exercises at the course of this training. You gotta be ready for them… Yes?


Pay 10k INSTEAD OF 20K


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yes! You can become a better speaker with this training

Dr. Miki is an experienced and skilled trainer. He can help you become a better speaker in 5x less the time than many other trainers. And he is going to provide you with the opportunity of getting continual feedback and support from him through his online platforms. This one day training is enough to get you started on the right track and with the 30 days support system you will get after the training, you would not regret investing in this program.

look what they are saying
about my training

Years ago I could barely stand to speak before people. Today take me anywhere and I can deliver my best. Stephen Michael’s program is always about how “we” can achieve our own dreams and become successful people. I love him so much and I always thank God for him.
Sopuruchukwu Okoye
Undergraduate Student
Though I have been speaking in public for over 20 years, the Speech Masters Academy (Dr. Miki’s public speaking school) helped me fix some public speaking blunders that could have ruined my career. The academy also helped me to get a clearer picture of what I wanted to achieve with my talent of oration.
Engr. Silvia Idakwor
Serial Entrepreneur, Speake


This training will be holding on Saturday 18th August, 2018 at 10am (participants must be seated by 9:30 for registration & materials) till 4:00PM when the training will be over. The exact venue will be communicated through text and email to those who bought their ticket. Remember the event will hold in an easy to find (central) place in Abuja, Nigeria.

The cost of this program is N20,000 but you can take advantage of the early bird discount 50% discount. Check the deadline.


Call: 07035957197


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