Would you like to know:

  • Which public speakers are currently rocking the stage in Nigeria?
  • Which speakers you may consider inviting to you next event?
  • Which speakers in Nigeria currently possess high value information that could truly make the difference?
  • Which speakers are making waves around the country in Nigeria?
  • The different topic-expert leaders we have in Nigeria and the topics or subjects they handle very well?

Let’s clear the air, shall we?

NO… we aren’t going to talk about Fela Durutoye, Leke Alder, Steve Harris or even the always dope Bankole Williams. We aren’t going to talk about my model of sort– Olummide Emmanuel or Ubong Essien, George Essien, or the pragmatist Olakunle Soriyan, or even the #1 Life Coach in Nigeria Lanre Olusola…


Well, that’s how I want it.

I don’t want to say that those ones are old speakers… ‘cos I may be wrong.


This list is NOT an exhaustive list of speakers in Nigeria. There are many more great speakers in Nigeria than I can possibly recall. However, these are the ones that I am familiar with. Secondly, this particular list focuses on men. To read about women click here.

This list is in NO PARTICULAR ORDER.

The #1 here does not necessarily mean anything order than just a way of keeping the list organized.

I can say for fact that the public speaking and training industry is one of the fast growing industries in Nigeria. This could be for many different reasons–

  • The ease of getting into the industry — it requires no formal training or certification.
  • Low cost start up requirement — you can start with little or no money.
  • The thriving of the industry in the Western world with the likes of Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Richard Brandson, Garry V etc… becoming incredibly successful. It kind of tells the average person that reads their books that speaking is one of the keys to success.
  • And yes, some people genuinely believe they are born to be change agents through their inspirational message.

So here are the Nigerian speakers worth listening to in 2018– These guys have unique messages, large number of fellowship, mass influence and the ability to hold the audience spell bond.


  1. Christian Chinoso

Does school really make any difference or is there something better than schooling?

Christian Chinonso is known for bringing unique perspectives in the subject of education, innovation and mental reformation. He is the principal at The Legacy Xpact Consulting Limited– a company with focus in human capital development across Africa.

 Christian Chinonso focuses on helping people understand and master the concept of practical education (education that produces valuable results as opposed to education that produces only informed minds) He has a reputation as one of Africa’s leading educational consultant with clientele withing and outside the country. Christian is a very passionate speaker. He is often consumed by his message. He has authored several books in his niche (sorry I can’t remember the titles)

If you’re looking for a speaker to address the issues of education, mental excellence, radical mental reformation and stuffs like that, Christian Chinonso is your next keynote speaker.


  1. Victor Ekpo

You know you’re an expert at something, or you wish to be an expert at something—well, Victor’s job is to help you (the expert) to become a highly paid person of influence in your field. And, boy, he is very good at stuffs like that. He is the founder of a Facebook Community known as The Highly Paid Experts Network.

Victor’s focus lately is to help entrepreneurs master the art of building what he called the Movement Based Enterprise (MBE) It’s based on his belief that entrepreneurs and leaders can build a thriving community around their core message thereby creating a sustainable and profitable influence.

He also runs the Expert Business School where, I think, he provides coaching and support for people looking to use some of his technologies effectively.  If you’re looking for a speaker to help other experts to turn their expertise into a successful business– Victor is your guy.


  1. Stephen Michael

South East Nigeria used to be a place with only two common interests– church or club. Well, Stephen Changed the narrative.

Stephen Michael founded the #1 Public speaking school in the entire south east region of Nigeria—The Speech Masters Academy. He is also the founder of The High Profile Speakers Circle— a Facebook community dedicated to helping ordinary speakers become high profile speakers in their niche.

Stephen has facilitated a lot of training and workshops for both budding and seasoned speakers, marketers/sales reps and business executives in Nigeria. He has also been regarded as the #1 Sales and Public Speaking Trainer in Nigeria.

Dr. Miki (as he is popularly called) helps people to overcome stage fright, build self-confidence and master the art of public speaking.

If you’re looking for a speaker to help your audience learn the skills of public speaking (or presentation), persuasion, influence or sales– Stephen is your guy.


  1. John Obidi

You’re a member of SmartBCamp, huh?

Well I am. Steve Harris too. In fact, many of the speakers listed here are probably member of the community. Guess who’s the boss of the community?

Not a big guess—it’s John Obidi. Popularly known as Daddy JO. You would instantly feel JO’s humanity when you come in contact with him—his love for Dodo (what’s Dodo in English again?) is no longer a secret. Might as well be his weak point (Okay, I’m just saying).

JO is an online business coach and digital media expert. He has won multiple awards and has built a successful community of over 80k+ members. John Obidi speaks on digital marketing, entrepreneurship and leadership. He inspires a lot of young people with his amazing personality and of course his own personal success.

If you’re looking for a speaker to address digital media, internet businesses or to inspire young people towards success in life– JO is the guy. He also helps businesses through his consulting services.


  1. Chinonso Ogbogu

Everybody talks about entrepreneurship but only a very few people has the level of depth that Chinonso Ogbogu has on the subject matter.

Quite frankly, it looks like Chinono’s life has always been about building businesses and making a difference in the process.

He is the founder of The Incubators Academy—a school that provides valuable, street-smart and globally useful business skills to budding entrepreneurs in Africa. Unlike many other speakers Chinonso has only one subject and one religion—Entrepreneurship… Not less… a little more.

If you’re looking for someone with depth in matters of Business Education, Business Development in Africa, Entrepreneurship, Street-Smart Business Strategies for Survival — Chinonso is the guy for the job.


  1. Mute Efe

When it comes to Personal leadership and personal development subjects, there are very few speakers that come close to Mute Efe. And this is not my opinion—I’ve not come in contact with his programs but I’ve read a lot of testimonials from many people that I respect who happen to also respect Mute Efe (see? >That look)

Mute Efe’s is dedicated to raising people to become better leaders of themselves. He does this through his online coaching programs some of which are on Facebook. If you’re looking for a speaker for your next leadership retreat, you should think of hiring Mute Efe.


  1. Emeka Nobis

So tell me: do you know any other Nigerian who makes a living writing books?

I know one—his name is Emeka Nobis (in Merlin’s Voice).

Emeka is a household name in the country today due to his strategic way of using his writing skills as a tool for influence and profits. 

Emeka travels from city to city in Nigeria, sharing his wealth of knowledge and helping writers to move from the broke and unknown into successful thought leaders.

He is the founder of Pen And Ink Masters – a Facebook community dedicated to helping writers and thought leaders to grow their influence and build a profitable business using their skills.

He is currently working as the brand ambassador for Bamboo Real Estate and Properties. So if you’re looking for a speaker to help writers and thought leaders to make the maximum use of their creative works– Emeka is the man.


  1. Peter Kajovo

You are looking for an event host with professionalism and a good sense of humor—Peter is your boy. But hey, beyond compering events, Peter is a also a personal brand strategist that helps thought leaders to project their brands creatively. He has worked with some of the top brands in the country like MTN.

Peter talks about how brands can create the right message, and deliver it effectively so they can create the right feeling in the right audience.

Ladies, if you like dark and handsome—Peter is the guy. His smile is the most dazzling and charming experience… you could feel his aura and personality many miles away. And boy, he is good at connecting. Okay…

Peter is your guy if you’re looking for a professional compere for a top celebrity event (and small events too) and he is also your guy if you’re looking for a cute speaker to talk about personal branding.


  1. Albert Green

Albert is one of the most ‘hidden’ geniuses I’ve ever come in contact with for more than 10 years now.

He is multi-talented—a pianist, a farmer, a designer, a writer, a speaker, a trainer, a consultant – and a loving husband to one wife (you think that’s easy? Calm down first).

Albert is the master motivator. He speaks in youth conferences, leadership seminars etc. on the subject of sex, skill acquisition, motivation for living, mind-shift and life issues in general. If you’re looking for a speaker that will wow your audience with enthusiasm and powerful message, a speaker with diverse but very valuable experiences, a speaker that is passionate about talking to youths– Albert is your guy for the next event.


  1. Speaker Samson Egbums

Don’t let his age deceive you, speaker Sam has good followership in the country today.

Samson shares insights in thought leadership, tribe building, public speaking, writing and wealth creation using one’s talents and skills. He is the founder of The Thought Leadership University—a Facebook community dedicated to helping budding and seasoned thought leaders in the country.

Samson is a young man who have successfully crafted out a niche and a name for himself in the speaking and training industry. He has clientele in and outside the country and he is widely respected for his unique perspectives.

If you’re looking for a speaker to inspire your audience, or talk about how anyone can build and monetize influence or a speaker to address the subject of turning passion to profit — Speaker Sam is the right option.


NOW it’s your turn.

(1) Is there something I mentioned about any of the speakers that is not correct, or something that needs to be added in other to project them better? You add it in the comment section. I may steal your idea and add it or I may chose to leave it at the comment.

(2) Add or mention any other young Nigerian public speaker that is making waves (someone I have not mentioned already). I may decide to check them up and add them or I may simply leave them at the comment.

(3) If you’ve been a speaker for over 5 years, you have contributed visibly to people’s lives and you feel you deserve to be in this list (trust me, if you feel so, you may actually deserve it) kindly send me a mail at Iamdrmiki@gmail.com please include your bio, picture, website, links to any community you run etc… I will check them out and maybe give you some accolades.

Ladies??? Yours is coming up here.

Stay cool girls.

Thank you

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